Public worship at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church has resumed in a modified form.  Please read the information below, and see our home page for full details on how we will be safely worshiping and communing together over the next several weeks.
If you have already signed up to attend a service, 
you do not need to sign up again.  Thank you!
Please note:  Beginning Sunday, July 12, our Sunday worship times will change to
 8:00, 9:15 & 10:30 AM.

We are holding seven public worship services each week, running throughout the month of June.  In Christian love for all our members and worshipers, and with an abundance of care for everyone’s health and well-being: 

§  One of the services (Tuesday 3:30 pm) is only for people who have high risk factors. It is limited to 25 worshipers and face masks are required.

§  Two other services (Saturday at 3:30 pm and Sunday at 8:00 am) are open for up to 50 worshipers at each service and face masks are required.

§  The other four services are also open for up to 50 worshipers at each service, and face masks are optional.

     Tuesday         3:30 pm                    25 people      high risk members only; face masks required

     Tuesday         6:00 pm                    50 people      face masks optional

     Saturday        3:30 pm                    50 people      face masks required

     Saturday        5:00 pm                    50 people      face masks optional

     Sunday          8:00 am                    50 people      face masks required

     Sunday          9:30 am                    50 people      face masks optional

     Sunday          11:00 am                  50 people      face masks optional

If you have questions about attending any of the services listed above, please contact Mike Pfeifer either by email ( ) or call 920-676-2702.  

A reminder that if you or an immediate family member is ill, experiencing CoVid 19 symptoms, or does not feel comfortable being in a public worship service, please remain home.  We will continue to have our worship services online weekly.

Our in-person services will be abbreviated to allow us time to clean our worship area, washrooms, entrances and exits after each service. For that reason, we ask that you please do not enter church until 10 minutes before your service begins, and leave the building after being dismissed at the end of your service.

Please enter the church by the south side doors only. These are the glass doors by the largest section of our parking lot.  Weather permitting, they will be propped open.

We have removed over 200 chairs from our worship area to create as much space for social distancing as possible ( please see two photos below this email )

There will be no Greeters or Ushers at this time.  In addition, our Nursery and Church Office will be closed.

Collection plates will be set out by the entrance and exit doors for offerings.

The entire service will be displayed on our screens, with no printed worship folders or announcement packets. At the recommendation of medical personnel, there will be no singing in our services at this time.

We also will be celebrating Lord’s Supper in the services during the second and fourth weeks of this month.  We will not be placing the bread and wine directly in your hands.  Individual serving tables will be placed by each person or family, and their bread and wine will be distributed to them there.  Pastor will explain the process at the beginning of distribution.

One area in which we are asking for help is with cleaning and sanitizing our building after each worship service.  If you would be willing to assist us immediately after the worship service you are attending, that would be greatly appreciated!  Please contact Mike Pfeifer or our church office to let us know if you can help ( call 499-7405 or email to: ).  We will follow up with you before you attend that service.

While it has been many weeks since we’ve been able to gather together in God’s house, his Word has continued to be active in the hearts and lives of all of us and of fellow Christians throughout the world!  May we continue to thank and worship him, whether together in person at church or together in spirit at home.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Leon Ehlert  






Saturdays 5:00 pm     Sundays  9:30 am    Mondays  6:30 pm

Typically we celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the second and fourth full weekends of each month. Please check your monthly church calendar, church website or weekly Announcement Packets for exact dates.

During the Lenten season we have additional services on:

   Ash Wednesday (12:00 noon & 6:30 pm with Holy Communion)

   Mid-week Wednesday Lenten services (6:30 pm)

   Maundy Thursday (12:00 & 6:30 pm with Holy Communion)

   Good Friday Service of Darkness (12:00 noon & 6:30 pm)

Easter Sunday (7:30 am, 9:00 am and 10:30 am)                                                                                                                 Please note: there will be no Saturday or Monday evening services on Easter weekend

Confirmation Sunday is observed on the first Sunday of May.

Depending on how certain holidays fall on the calendar, we may or may not have services on some holidays such as New Year’s Day or July 4th.  We typically do not have Monday evening worship services on Memorial Day (May) or Labor Day (Sept).

As God continues to bless and grow our congregation, these worship service dates and times may change.  Again, please check your monthly church calendar or weekly Announcement Packets for exact service dates and times.