The Epistle to the Ephesians: A Song of Justification and Sanctification presented by Vicar Pflughoeft 

"What is the relationship between who you are and what you do? Join us on Wednesdays in July as we explore this question through a verse by verse study of Ephesians. In this letter, the Apostle Paul speaks about who we are in Christ and what that leads us to do."

Week 1: Ephesians Part 1

Week 2: Ephesians Part 2

Week 3: Ephesians Part 3

Week 4: Ephesians Part 4

Week 5:  Ephesians Part 5

Week 6:  Ephesians Part 6

Joy Under Pressure: A study of Philippians presented by Bob Fischer

Why This Bible Study? Stress. Deadlines. Commitments. How can we find joy when life feels like a pressure cooker? Or display lifestyles of love despite the imperfections of ourselves and others?

Paul's letter to the Philippians shows what it means to follow Christ when the going gets tough. Christians can experience joy that is authentic and enduring -- even when life turns up the heat. God wants the best for us!

Week 1:  When Bad Things Happen              

Week 2:  A Good Attitude

Week 3:  True Partners

Week 4:  Passionate Living 

Five Generations presented by Dr. Mike Pfeifer

Why this Bible Study?  What's the "50/60" principle among many American churches, and why isn't it happening here at Beautiful Savior? How are Christian churches reaching and serving multiple generations with the Gospel? What is research telling us about ministry to and with the generations coming after us? (Barna, Pew, Rainer, Stanley) What might be some of the implications for Beautiful Savior?

We'll have an open discussion on some of what God is doing here at Beautiful Savior; how we already are ministering to five generations of his people, and how might we as a congregation continue to improve our ministry to multiple generations now and in the future?

 Five Generations Part 1   Five Generations Part 2 Five Generations Part 3

Depression and Anxiety

Why This Bible Study? Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church wants to continue its focus on mental health. Presenters are from Christian Family Services and present aseries on depression and anxiety. 

Understanding Depression and Anxiety presented by Dr. Brandon Hayes

Participants in this educational presentation will learn basic symptomology and an overview of several therapeutic techniques, including more on listening, inclusion, redirection, and distraction. Coping behaviors will be taught and practiced so participants can model them and increase their belief in the use of these items. Boundaries around what to do and what to refer out will be shared. More information will be provided on additional supports and care options. Finally, we will examine what is common in all individuals—the need for unconditional love. 

Managing Stress and Anxiety presented by Stacie Nagorski

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life and looking for some relief? Would you like to know how to prevent stress overload? This presentation will review various strategies and techniques to manage stress and anxiety. Specific topics will include assertiveness, time management, self-care, and relaxation exercises. Opportunities to practice these techniques and receive feedback will be provided. 

The Book of Books presented by Pastor Leon Ehlert

Why This Bible Study? Finally one’s trust in God will only be as great as his or her trust in the Word.

We start our year by studying the very basis of everything we believe; God’s revealed Word. We look at some of the basics, original language(s), how the Bible itself was compiled, etc. We will move on to discuss why it is that the Catholic Church has extra books of the Bible and the four reasons we reject those books. We will also discuss different translations and what translation Beautiful Savior uses and which one we may adopt.

The Book of Books Part 1 The Book of Books Part 2 The Book of Books Part 3

Christians and Conflict presented by Dr. Mike Pfeifer

Why This Bible Study?  To gain an understanding of the sources and types of conflict, as well as to develop skills in handling conflict.

With sin all around us, as well as within us, conflict between couples, between co-workers, and between countries comes as no surprise. But God has called us to live as his holy people.  What guidance does God give us in his Word for handling conflict, and for dealing with difficult people and situations?  We’ll also discuss the role which personality types and communication styles have, as well as engage in some lively role-playing situations.

Christians and Conflict part 1 Christians and Conflict part 2 Christians and Conflict part 3

Broken Church? presented by Pastor Justin Diestler

Why This Bible Study?  We recognize that there are all kinds of dysfunction in the world. Which means that the church also contains all kinds of strugglers.

We live in a sinful, broken world.  That means not only are we broken by sin, but we interact with people whose lives are broken as well.  Odds are we know someone who is struggling with some sort of addiction, depression or some mental health issue.  Our call as Christians, in the midst of brokenness, comes from Jesus.  We are the agents of hope led by the Holy Spirit to share the love of Jesus with the hurting and point them to a Savior who loves them dearly.

Broken Church? part 1 Broken Church? part 2 Broken Church? part 3