Make Use Of Your Time Of Grace

This is the audio recording of Vicar Pflughoeft's service and final sermon with us this weekend.  We apologize that we are having difficulty loading the video portion of this recording and are working on it.  Thank you.


Upcoming Events at Beautiful Savior

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New Wednesday evening Bible Class: "Pray It Forward"   August 12, 19
Prayer is a critical activity in the life of every Christian.  Since it is something God encourages us to do regularly, we would do well to ask his help to cultivate and             grow our prayer life.  We will do that by reviewing God’s encouragements about prayer, taking principles from prayer warriors in Scripture, and praying that God       will strengthen us in our prayer lives.  Presented by Pastor Justin Diestler.
 Join us for this three week course on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM on Zoom (login is the same as it was for Sundays bible classes in May and June.)  
In accordance with the order released on July 30, Wisconsin residents age 5 and older are required to wear a face covering when they are indoors.  This applies to all seven of our weekly worship services.
There are limited exceptions to the order, including one for the presiding minister when he is "giving a religious...presentation for an audience."  
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 499-7405. 
Our Tuesday worship services are moving to Mondays in August.   We will resume services on Mondays on Monday, August 3 at 4:30 PM and at 6:00 PM.

We are holding seven public worship services each week.  In Christian love for all our members and worshipers, and with an abundance of care for everyone’s health and well-being: 

§  One of the services (Monday 4::30 pm) is only for people who have high risk factors. It is limited to 25 worshipers and face masks are required.

§  All six other services are open for up to 50 worshipers at each service and face masks are required


     Monday         4:30 pm                   25 people      high risk members only; face masks required

     Monday         6:00 pm                   50 people      face masks required

     Saturday        3:30 pm                   50 people      face masks required

     Saturday        5:00 pm                   50 people      face masks required

     Sunday          8:00 am                    50 people      face masks required

     Sunday          9:15 am                    50 people      face masks required

     Sunday          10:30 am                  50 people      face masks required

If you have any questions about attending any of the services listed above, please contact Mike Pfeifer either by email ( ) or call 920-676-2702 to sign up for a service.  

A reminder that if you or an immediate family member is ill, experiencing CoVid 19 symptoms, or does not feel comfortable being in a public worship service, please remain home.  We will continue to have our worship services online weekly.


Some members have asked if they can still continue to support God's Kingdom work through a financial gift.   We are working with Vanco, a national service which works with thousands of churches and organizations in providing electronic giving alternatives. You will find a "button" at the bottom of this home page if you wish to make either a one-time donation, or if you wish to set up a recurring gift. If you have any questions with this new option, please contact us at our church office (499-7405) or email to:  Thank you.