Free Seminar for Help with Job Hunting: Sept 24 & Oct 1

Are you currently looking for employment?  A free, two part webinar begins this week; both led by National Career Search and Talent Acquisition Expert Chris Czarnik.  Our first webinar is this week, Thursday, September 24 at 6 PM.  It’s entitled, Job Search: Everything You THINK You Know About Job Search is Wrong! Our second webinar will be next week, Thursday, October 1st at 6 PM.  The second session is entitled, Job Search: Networking and Interviewing can be painless and easy!

If you'd like to know more or find out how to take part, please contact our fellows 

WELS member Julie Mattek at:

Our Fall Schedule

  Saturday Worship Services:  3:30 pm & 5:00 pm                                                                                                               Sunday Worship 8 am ● 9 am Adult Bible Study on Zoom ● 10 am Worship 11 am Sunday School on Zoom   Monday Worship Services: 4:30 pm & 6:00 pm

A reminder that if you or an immediate family member is ill, experiencing CoVid 19 symptoms, or does not feel comfortable being in a public worship service, please remain home.  We will continue to have our worship services available for viewing on this website each Saturday evening.
           Life of Moses Bible Study (2 Sundays remaining Sept 27 & Oct 5)

Handouts:    The Life of Moses week 3&4 (Sept 27 & Oct 4)             

 The Life of Moses week 2 (Sept 20)    The Life of Moses week 1 (Sept 13)

To get the meeting number and password ask a staff member, call or email the office and they will be happy to get that for you. To join a meeting click on the link below and follow the directions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Zoom access


In Hebrews, God gives us hope and courage in our discipleship so that we “will not grow weary and lose heart”.  He directs us to Jesus,” who for the joy set before Him endured the cross” on our behalf.

 This session begins Tuesday, October 6 from 7 pm - 8 pm via Zoom/in person and Thursday, October 8 from 9 am - 10 am in the fellowship hall (face coverings will be required and social distancing will be implemented).

This session will last 6 weeks long and will resume in January for six weeks (if feasible). Kristine and Jessica Friebe will lead the Tuesday night class (in person and Zoom) and Nancy Schneider will lead the Thursday morning class…but the material will be the same in each class each week.

 Please sign up by September 13th (sign-up sheets are at the back of church-if attending Tuesday indicate in-person or zoom) to ensure we receive the books in time (no cost involved to attendees). 

SUNDAY SCHOOL                                                                                                                                                                Our Sunday School this fall will begin Sunday, September 20 at 11:00 AM using Zoom. We will be making use of lessons prepared by our Synod’s Northwestern Publishing House and available on YouTube. Parents, to register your child or children for this year’s Sunday School go to the Ministries tab and click on Child (on the website) the online registration form is there for you to fill out. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Diestler or our church office.

PLEASE KEEP US INFORMED   Is there anything we can pray for for you? Have you moved recently?  Changed your phone number? Gotten a new email address?

If so, please let us know.  Especially these days we want to have an updated membership roster, and your help with maintaining it is appreciated!  One way we have been able to reduce some expenses at church for postage and printing is by utilizing email and texting more often.  Please send your prayer requests and your updated contact information to:  Thank you.


Confirmation class for 7th & 8th graders begins on Wednesday, October 7 at 5:45 pm in the worship area. If you haven't received a letter from Pastor Ehlert please contact Pastor Ehlert or the church office.

Church website

You can find weekly updates and information, as well as recordings of current and links to previous worship services and Bible classes, on our church website.                             ( ).

God is always there for you

There’s no denying that these weeks and months have taken – and continue to take – their toll on all of us. Phrases like the “new normal” and “CoVid fatigue” can’t fully describe the impact upon our members’ and families’ lives, finances, and mental and emotional well-being.  But one thing which not even a pandemic can change is the love and promises of our caring, almighty Lord: “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid and do not be discouraged!”  (Deuteronomy 31: 8)

Online giving is now available on our website if you are unsure how to go about doing that instructions are included here.

Pastor Tristan Paustian (our former Vicar) has written a very timely blog on the current protests and racism in our country. It is available to read here.
 A number of our members work in the medical field and we wanted to say thank you to them for their service. They are serving their Lord by serving their neighbor during this pandemic. Our way to say thank you to them was by giving them pizzas from Copper State Brewing Company.

We are sharing this, not to pat ourselves on the backs for doing something nice, rather to "let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:16). Plus, this gesture of pizza was small, but these peoples’ service is great!

God has blessed us in many ways. Medical professionals are some these blessings! We thank God for them!

Are you a member of Beautiful Savior working  in the medical field, but didn't get a pizza? Please, let us know! We want to thank you too!

Our thanks to the volunteers who picked up and delivered these meals, to Vicar Pflughoeft for coordinating this project, and to our members Jonathan and Missy Martens for putting these meal kits together from their restaurant kitchen at Copper State Brewing Company!